Join my campaign to end FGM in a generation

fgmNo woman or girl should ever have to suffer the horrific practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM.) But, in countries like Egypt and Somalia, more than 90% of girls and women over the age of 15 have been cut. Truly shocking statistics.

This has been a taboo for too long – FGM is child abuse and we must help bring the practice to an end.

As a minister for International Development, I have announced a £35million UK Government programme towards this aim, and am doing all I can to raise awareness.

The Department for International Development have launched a Thunderclap in support of ending FGM within a generation.

If over 500 people sign up, the thunderclap app will tweet the same message of support from everyone at the same time. This will get #EndFGM trending, bringing the issue to the attention of millions of twitter users.

Please do sign up and help raise awareness. Together, we can end FGM in a generation.

7 thoughts on “Join my campaign to end FGM in a generation

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  4. I very strongly support this campaign. HOWEVER i the campaign must start in the UK. If France can prosecute a woman for allowing her child to be mutilated, then the UK can as well.
    It might help if some Imans would tell the muslim population that this revolting practice has nothing to do with Islam. As a Saudi Arabain woman said to me years ago it is “Haram!” that is forbidden.
    Deirdre Toomey,
    Islington Labour Party.

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  7. The answer is blindingly obvious.

    Stop overseas aid to countries where FGM is practiced.

    Start it again when the practice stops.

    Politicians have been messing around for almost a century debating and wasting time, when the answer is right there in front of them.

    Oh, and while the overseas aid is suspended, why not re-direct it to the UK families who have lost everything in the flooding.

    There you go, two problems solved with one ounce of common sense.

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