More homes – not bonuses for failure

Here’s an email I sent to residents last week about housing in Haringey. Please do add your name to our petition, if you’d rather Labour-run Haringey Council spent money on houses, rather than bonuses for failure.

Haringey housing bonsues  to be probedLabour simply can’t be trusted to run Haringey Council properly. They haven’t built a single new home in almost 25 years, despite over 10,000 local families waiting on the list for social housing.

The local Lib Dems and I are petitioning the Labour-run Council to spend more money on homes, rather than on bonuses for failure. You can add your signature here.

There is some good news, though. Following a local Liberal Democrat campaign, Haringey Council have finally agreed to build 100 new council homes.

Haringey Lib Dem leader and housing spokesperson, Cllr Richard Wilson, first suggested the idea back in February, when it was rejected by local Labour Councillors. Now, finally, it is going to happen.

It certainly won’t make up for the 25 years of neglect, but it’s a sensible first step. The project will also create local construction jobs, assist the economic recovery and help those in need.

If the Haringey Lib Dems were in charge of Haringey Council – the project would have started much sooner!

But until the Lib Dems are in charge, please do support our petition, calling on the Labour-run Council to spend their money on homes, rather than on bonuses for failure.