Lynne Featherstone MP visits local Cypriot Community Centre

Lynne Featherstone MP talking with Cypriot Community Centre users.

Lynne Featherstone MP last week visited the Cypriot Community Centre on Earlham Grove, Wood Green.

The centre provides a large space for people of all backgrounds to socialise, eat food and take part in activities. During the day, the centre is predominantly used by elderly people, with younger members of the community meeting there later in the evening.

The centre has a number of rooms to hire and holds events such as dinners and dances to help raise funds.

The Liberal Democrat MP was given a tour of the centre by the Chair, Susie Constantinides, meeting local residents and users of the Centre along the way. The Hornsey and Wood Green MP then sat with the Centre Chair, Manager, Secretary and Treasurer to discuss the issues facing the Centre.

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“It was great to visit this wonderful Centre, which is such an asset to the local community. Many of the users of the Centre may otherwise be at home alone – instead they are able to come and sit in the warm, socialise and eat a hot meal. The users are predominantly Cypriot, but the Centre is open to anyone – and this inclusiveness is fantastic to see.

“Susie and the team of volunteers have such a large space to manage, and they do it very well. If any local group are looking for venues for events, I would recommend getting in touch with the Centre.

“I want to wish Susie and the team all the best for the future, particularly with their aim to secure more funding, and set up a website!”