Lynne Featherstone MP launches petition against ‘sickening’ Council bonuses

Lynne Featherstone MP has launched a petition calling on Haringey’s Labour-run council to ensure that money is spent on building new homes, rather than on bonuses for staff.

The petition has been launched in reaction to revelations that Homes for Haringey staff have received £3.7million in bonuses in the last two years.

The bonuses have been branded ‘sickening’ by the Liberal Democrats, who have said that the money should have been spent on building new homes, or refurbishing ones that already exist.

Residents can sign the petition here.

It has already attracted over 300 signatures.

Cllr Richard Wilson, Haringey Liberal Democrat Housing spokesperson, said:

“It is disgraceful that money has been wasted on bonuses for staff that could have been spent on repairs and improvements to people’s homes. Tenants and leaseholders pay a lot for repairs through rents and charges and they rightly expect a good service and not for their money to be wasted on bonuses.

“Our petition is calling on the council to spend public money wisely on homes not bonuses. Hundreds of residents have already signed the petition and I urge everyone to support this campaign to stop Labour wasting local residents’ cash on bonuses and start spending it on the things that matter.”

Lynne Featherstone MP commented:

“Even at a time when individuals, families and businesses have to tighten their belts, the culture of waste at Labour-run Haringey Council continues.

“It’s frankly sickening that £3.7 million has been dished out in bonuses, at the same time as the Haringey Labour cancelled Decent Homes repair work on hundreds of local houses due to a ‘lack of money.’

“The money also could have gone towards building new homes – which are much needed seeing as Labour-run Haringey haven’t built any in 25 years.

“I hope residents will sign the petition, and join me in calling on the Council to spend money on buildings, not bonuses.”