Special report reveals new child abuse case in Haringey

ChildrensServicesOver the weekend the Independent ran a special report into Haringey Children’s services – including news that the Council has launched yet another Serious Case Review. Here is the comment I sent to the local media:

“It is just awful to hear that Haringey Council has launched another serious case review, after failing to protect yet another local child.

“This comes just one month after the Child T scandal, and two weeks after my call for an independent review of Childrens Services was rejected by Haringey Council’s Chief Executive.

“I was leader of the opposition at the Council during the Victoria Climbié tragedy, and I remember Haringey Labour and Council officers saying that lessons will be learnt. Since then, they have said the same things over and over again – yet these shocking cases keep appearing.

“That is why I am so angry. That is why we need an independent investigation. No more children should pay the price for Haringey Council’s failure and inability to change.”