Lib Dems call for free Christmas parking on local high streets

Lynne Featherstone MP at a ticket machine on Muswell Hill Broadway.Haringey Liberal Democrats and Lynne Featherstone MP have called for 4 days of free parking at Christmas on local high streets, at shopping areas and council car parks.

The Lib Dems have called for the free parking in the run-up to Christmas to help local traders who are struggling and to encourage residents to do their Christmas shopping locally.

The Liberal Democrats have previously campaigned for 30 minutes of free parking on local high streets and launched a petition calling for the measure which has been signed by hundreds of people.

Last year the Lib Dems also submitted a motion to a council meeting calling for free parking in the run up to Christmas to be followed by 30 minutes of free parking on the borough’s high streets all year round. The idea was rejected by Labour councillors.

Haringey’s Labour politicians are still refusing to budge on the question of lowering parking charges permanently.

Cllr Richard Wilson, Liberal Democrat Leader of the Opposition, comments:

“Local small businesses and traders need all the help they can get to keep our high streets distinctive and thriving.

“Haringey Liberal Democrats are calling for free parking at Christmas to help local traders and boost our local shopping areas. We think that Labour can and must do more to support our local high streets.

“I encourage residents to do as much Christmas shopping as they can locally and to support our campaign for 30 minutes of free parking on local high streets.”

Local Lib Dem MP, Lynne Featherstone, comments:

“This year the Haringey Lib Dems and I have worked hard to support and promote independent shops. We ran the independent shops competition and fete, and have collected thousands of signatures to support our campaign for 30 minutes free parking, so people can pop into their favourite high street stores without worrying about parking charges.

“Contrast this with our local Labour Council – who have raised High Street parking charges to a whopping £3 an hour. Retailers have told me that this is stifling their businesses – but the Council will not listen.

“Now, we’re calling on Haringey Council to allow free parking on our local high streets for just four days in the run up to Christmas, to encourage people to buy presents in our local independent stores. It really is the least they could do.”

1 thought on “Lib Dems call for free Christmas parking on local high streets

  1. Haringey, like many other London Boroughs are using Parking Revenue and the cash flow from Tickets as ‘A nice little earner’ and no doubt the ‘hard pressed’ Labour administration would be reluctant to give up one measley penny of any income they can extract out of motorists.
    Much as I dislike Eric Pickles, his suggestion that you should be able to park on a double yellow for 15 minutes was a little far fetched BUT:
    1 No ticket should be issued until a full 5 minutes have elapsed from when the vehicle was first observed.
    2 No ticket should be issued when parked in a bay until any paid time has added 10 full minutes from the end of the paid period time.
    3 CCTV cannot be used to issue parking tickets or box junction infringements unless a driver has demonstrated dangerous driving; two front wheels touching the box does not count!
    I could continue but I’m sure you get the idea. RP

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