1 thought on “How the Liberal Democrats are making the recovery a fair one

  1. These are very good, but how do they benefit people in Haringey?
    1) I wrote to you a while ago about developing a Buy Back policy for flats and houses bought under the somewhat divisive Right to Buy scheme. You refered my letter to the Minister, whose junior sidekick gave a wishy-washy ‘we don’t rally want to deal with this’ type of answer. You took it as read. This was sidestepping the problem. Since in your position I cannot ask you to ‘Ask a PQ’, perhaps you can write to the Minister and ask the following:
    How many properties have been sold by Local Authorities (by Government Region) and are now let in the Private sector, ie not occupied by the owner?
    What is the average comparable rent, again by region, between those properties let as social housing by the owning LA, or where appropriate ex Council stock transferred to a housing Association or ALMO. This is a particularly pertinent question for the GLA area. The loss of housing stock to let to vulnerable households and lower income groups had been reduced by the Right to Buy and that housing stock has not been replenished by an anti- Council House dictum from the Department and successive ministers.
    PLEASE investigate this, the situation is bad in Haringey, but worse in other boroughs

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