Pinkham Way – one step closer to victory!

Lynne Featherstone and Haringey Liberal Democrats protesting at the proposed site of a waste processing plant on Pinkham WayI have just sent the below comment to the local papers regarding the North London Waste Authority’s (NLWA) decision to end their procurement process for long term waste management services.

In short – they have decided to keep using the waste facility in Edmonton and keep waste management under control of the local authority (rather than contract them out to a private bidder).

There are now no current plans to use the Pinkham Way site for waste management. I’d like to echo the words of the Pinkham Way Alliance: ‘This is very good news!’

Here’s what I’ve told the local papers:

“The decision to end the procurement for long-term waste management in North London marks a great victory for the Pinkham Way Alliance, the local Liberal Democrats and local residents, who have campaigned hard against the NLWA’s plans.

“From day one, the whole process has been a farce and the strategy deeply flawed. The plan to use Pinkham Way for a waste plant, for instance, was simply inappropriate. They should have been looking at ways to reduce wastage – not thinking of building huge incinerators in unsuitable places.

“It’s all very well the NLWA saying they’re saving us money now by keeping waste management services ‘in house’ – but what about the public money wasted to date on their flawed plans?

“I am of course glad that the NLWA has finally seen sense – but it shouldn’t have taken this long to realise their existing Edmonton site would be suitable.

“We must remain vigilant, though. Although there are now no immediate plans to use the Pinkham Way site, it is still an asset of the NLWA, and different plans to use the site may surface in the future.

“The local Lib Dems and I will be sure to keep residents updated as and when we receive information.”

2 thoughts on “Pinkham Way – one step closer to victory!

  1. This does at least get Veolia out of the equation as it seems their performance on Haringey’s waste services is showing a slow steady deterioration.
    Frankly the whole process is fundamentally flawed, and the personalities of some individuals involved raised some basic questions over competence.
    The existing plant at Edmonton should now be updated to ensure recycling is maximised, and what waste has no other use is incinerated, provided that emissions are properly cleaned up to ensure toxic emissions are reduced to an absolute minimum.

  2. Another comment two weeks on 14/10, it is interesting to see Waltham Forest’s former leader Clyde Loakes squirm his way out of this one. This is one of the most appalling cock-ups I have seen in recent times. There should be an Audit of this waste, that is provided this Government has not abolished the Local Government Auditor, and I would like to see if nothing else the Councillors and Officers concerned in this fiasco heavily censured, and if possible surcharged.
    I am one who has not forgotten Shiley Porter’s maladministration in Westminster. Is thisvas bad?

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