Cashless buses – what do you think?

I recently received an email from TfL, asking for my views on their proposals to remove cash fare payments on our bus services.

TfL say: “We believe that this proposed change will help to reduce boarding times and delays. Customers will be able to continue to use Oyster and contactless payment cards to pay for their fares, which are £1 lower than cash payments. If you have an Oyster and contactless payment card, please choose the card that you intend to pay with and touch it separately on the yellow card reader.”

This is all well a good for regular users and Londoners – but what about tourists, visitors and people who don’t often use transport? I worry that this may increase delays, if someone tries to get on without an oyster card or ‘contactless payment card.’

I want to know your views. Please contact me here and let me know what you think.

You can see more TfL info on the proposal here, and be aware that the consultation ends on Friday 11 October – if you wanted to respond to that too.

2 thoughts on “Cashless buses – what do you think?

  1. Lynne, consider also school children who can be relied upon to lose their ZIP cards regularly. Without a cash option, how do they get to school? I believe the “unpaid fare notice” that drivers could give to indicate “not paid”, has been (or is being) withdrawn.

    Paul D Smith (Enfield).

  2. There is insufficient provision made for the passenger who has just arrived in London and does not have an oyster card, or some unfortunate soul who has lost or had their card, wallet, purse etc stolen. Who covers this contingency? TfL Buses had the facility to issue single journey tickets from machines by bus stops, but these were taken out as these glorified car-park ticket machines were not designed for the high level of use they had for bus tickets. But they do survive on the W7 route. TfL has not said what they will do to overcome this problem.
    The contributor above PAUL, comments on problems that may occur with children losing a pass.
    Oyster cards should be more readily available from machines in busy centres, bus stations etc. This has been thought up by some back-room clever-clogs planner, who has not fully thought the problem through.
    There must be adequate contingency provision.

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