Cutting Edge Press – 'good stories well told and with social relevance'

Went to Cutting Edge Press summer party this week.

This is a publisher with a social conscience – publishing such books as ‘My Beautiful England’ which deals with women coming to England and suffering domestic violence. Not only a good read but a book that will empower women to access support services which can help them.

‘Gorilla Land’ – dealing with the conflict in Congo, child soldiers and the legacy of colonialism and the current impact of the UN peacekeepers and NGOs.

And many more.

Given how closely this relates to my work in International Development – what a pleasure it was to meet the authors, agents and production teams who are part of the Cutting Edge Press’ stable. Martin Hay (CEO and Finance Director) is the driving force behind Cutting Edge Press – and  it is his vision and intellect that has made this such a special publishing house.