Lynne Featherstone MP submits 1,000 residents' complaints to Haringey Council

Lynne Featherstone MP inspecting a pothole on Linzee RoadLynne Featherstone MP last week submitted the results of her Annual Survey to Haringey Council. The local MP has so far received over 1000 complaints about the roads in her constituency. Over half of these complaints referred to potholes in local roads.

The Hornsey and Wood Green MP and Haringey Liberal Democrats have spent years campaigning and calling on the Council to address the poor state of roads in the Borough.

Recently, the Labour Administration performed a U-turn on their strategy – lowering their intervention levels and agreeing to respond to complaints more quickly.

To ensure the Council live up to their word, the Liberal Democrat MP produced a compilation of her survey results so far – which identified the most complained about areas and roads in need of repair.  These have been submitted to the Leader of the Labour Group and Chief Executive of Haringey Council.

The Labour-run Council will make the decision on what roads and pavements get resurfaced tomorrow, Tuesday 18th June.

Commenting, Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“So far, there have been over 1000 complaints about the roads in Haringey via my Annual Survey. I expect there will be many more to come as my survey is still being delivered in some parts of the constituency!

“The results are damning evidence of Haringey Labour’s failure to keep our roads in an acceptable condition. It has reached the point where the roads are not safe for motorists, cyclists or pedestrians – and we deserve better.

“After years of neglect, the Council have finally agreed to take action. I am intent on holding them to their word and am trying to make it as easy for them as possible – by presenting them with a comprehensive list of the most complained about roads and potholes in need of repair.

“Thank you to all residents who have filled in the survey so far. I hope to see repairs on all of the affected areas shortly.”