Haringey 20mph speed limit – Labour u-turn

Hurrah! For years we (Liberal Democrats) have been campaigning for 20mph zones in Haringey – and now it’s paid off.

I guess Labour finally realised the level of support we had on this issue – and hence this massive u-turn – when for so long they refused to even consider it.

Campaigning works!

So thanks to everyone for supporting this campaign to date. We very much want to now know local peoples’ views on the detail so please fill in this survey.

1 thought on “Haringey 20mph speed limit – Labour u-turn

  1. Lib Dems wanted it introduced when it would have cost £3.5m. Labour are proposing introducing now that the costs have gone significantly down – £3m cheaper to £500k. Might be a u-turn, but still saved taxpayers £3m the Lib Dems would have happily spent.

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