Banksy: The plot thickens…

Wood Green’s Banksy has dominated the news again this week. The Standard, ITV, BBC and Sky all reported that the piece will go on sale at the Film Museum in Covent Garden on the 2nd June.

This was in response to the announcement on the Sincura Group website – which invites its members to: “view, and even purchase, some of the most important artwork in the modern era including the infamous Slave Labour piece.”

However, Sincura have now released a statement saying that the piece is NOT up for auction. They say that: “The showing of this piece was the culmination of months of hard work and we simply wish to display it in again its home city before it disappears forever…”

They go on to say that the piece will be returned to the US where it will form part of a private collection. This is totally unacceptable – the piece belongs to the public in Wood Green, not in one person’s warehouse.

Journalists, local residents and politicians have been trying to track down the piece since it mysteriously disappeared from the side of the Poundland building in Wood Green. The well-travelled piece ended up in Miami for auction, but was dramatically pulled from sale at the last minute; after the people of Wood Green let the auctioneers know what they thought about their Banksy being sold for private profit.

I held a meeting with the owners of the building – Wood Green Investments – who were adamant that the piece had been taken without their consent.

But – Sincura say they are entirely satisfied that the mural was legally salvaged. Something just doesn’t add up here, and the Banksy mystery is now more confusing than ever.

I have now contacted Sincura and asked them for answers. Is our Banksy up for sale or just being exhibited? How can they be sure that there was no criminality, when the owners didn’t give consent?

Attempts will also be made to contact the ‘owner’ of the piece and/or their representatives.

I will be sure to keep everyone updated on the mission to restore our Banksy to its rightful place – here in Wood Green.

The Banksy piece on Turnpike Lane, before its removal

The controversial piece before its removal from Turnpike Lane