How would you use an extra £600?

Yes – it is tough out there! But without the Liberal Democrats’  delivering our front page manifesto commitment to raise the tax threshold – we wouldn’t even have that £600. And next year the threshold will rise to £10,000 of earnings before any tax is payable. So how would you use an extra £600?

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3 thoughts on “How would you use an extra £600?

  1. Well, if people in a job all got their salary up front on 6 April (rather than every week, fortnight or month throughout the year), or equally those on welfare benefits, they would be in a completely different position to make prudent capital outlays, such as not having to pay interest on paying insurance by instalment.

    No one, though, will get £600 in a lump sum, so it’s a rather stupid question to ask what anyone would do – let alone whether, overall, other changes leave them worse off !

  2. I would pay for food as living on £1.50 a day on food for me and my family and wouldnt have to worry about selling all our stuff to eat as all goes on bills and the council

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