Lynne Featherstone MP reacts to shock Whittington News

Lynne Featherstone MP outside the Whittington HospitalLynne Featherstone MP has expressed concern over the recent Whittington Health Trust Board decision to sell six of their estate’s buildings, including units for women’s health and NHS staff accommodation.

Maternity services will also be affected, with the hospital planning to cap births to 4000 a year.

The ‘estate strategy’ – which outlines the plans for rationalisation – was agreed on the 23rd January by the Whittington Health Trust Board. The strategy is based on a five-year plan, which will see the services relocate to existing space in the south of the hospital.

Following the shock announcement, the Liberal Democrat MP arranged an urgent call with Whittington Chief Executive Yi Mien Koh. The Hornsey and Wood Green MP has since been sent a copy of the estate strategy.

Councillor David Winskill, Haringey Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Health, said:

“There has been a huge failure of communication between the Whittington Board and the public. This news has come as a shock to everyone, and without a proper advance briefing and consultation, we are fearing the worst.

“At Chase Farm, residents were promised alternative services to support closures – yet they still haven’t materialised. This cannot be allowed to happen at the Whittington – alternative, and improved, services must be in place before any closures or land sell-offs.”

Commenting, Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“I want to be clear and state that I actively oppose any loss of services currently provided at the Whittington without an equal or better replacement being provided to local residents.

“After speaking with the Chief Executive on Friday and seeing the estate strategy, it is evident that the Board are planning to improve services through an estate rationalisation.

“I of course welcome an improvement in services – but nothing must go before new services are in place. I will be watching very closely to ensure that this happens, and that residents always have access to the treatment they need.”