Botched finances back to haunt Haringey Labour

Last year, the Haringey Lib Dems and I were appalled to hear that Labour-run Haringey Council hurriedly filed their accounts just hours before the legal deadline.

Unsurprisingly, the accounts were in a total mess. The auditors will have to charge the Council an extra £32,000 (!) in fees for the additional work required to correct all the mistakes.

The issue is so severe that the new Chief Executive of Haringey Council has now ordered an independent inquiry into the Council’s finances – in a move which will be a huge embarrassment for the Labour finance chief Cllr Joe Goldberg, who said several times that filing accounts just before the legal deadline was not a problem!

Time will tell just how many errors there were – and how they happened. What we can be sure of for now is that, with blunders like this occurring, it is really no wonder that Haringey Labour gives us high taxes and poor services.

It is my view – now more than ever – that the people of Haringey deserve better. We need a council that is capable of managing its money and services properly. That’s why I will be fully backing the Haringey Lib Dems to take control of Haringey Council in 2014, and end 40 years of Labour mismanagement.

The Haringey Independent have reported on this issue here.