Lynne Featherstone MP livid as Haringey Council swipes money from local schools

Lynne Featherstone MP has today expressed both concern over the future of Schools funding in Haringey, and anger at Haringey Council, who devised the new funding formula.

The indicative funding figures project that twelve schools in Hornsey and Wood Green will receive less funding for the 2013/14 academic year, in comparison to this year’s allocation. The worst affected school is projected to lose over £97,000. Other schools in the constituency will receive substantially less funding than they expected.

Schools in the borough had expected a high rise in their funding, following the success of Lynne Featherstone MP’s fairer education funding campaign and the Government’s pupil premium policy. As a result of the campaign success and pupil premium policy, Haringey will receive an extra £16 million in funding from the Government for education.

The Haringey Liberal Democrats and Lynne Featherstone MP are now vociferously criticising the Council, for putting together a formula which actually takes funding away from some schools, despite the boost of funds overall.

Haringey Liberal Democrats Education spokesperson, Cllr Katherine Reece said:

“Haringey Council had the final say on what went into the new formula. They have placed too much emphasis on deprivation factors. These are very important, but so are other factors like the number of children with special needs.

“The figures are not final. New pupil numbers and pupil premium need to be considered. But I am still concerned. The pupil premium should give schools extra, not plug a funding gap caused by a poorly constructed funding formula.

“Funding across the borough should be fair. We will keep fighting hard for this.”

Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“Having campaigned tirelessly to secure fairer funding and extra money for Haringey’s schools – I am absolutely livid that the Council have constructed the funding formula this way.

“They have manipulated the formula to swipe the money from schools in my constituency and load it into the east of the borough. It is a cynical act which will harm the schools, teachers and students of Hornsey and Wood Green. This is just typical of the Labour Council – Haringey deserves better than this.

“I have written to Clare Kober and demanded to know why this has happened. I have written to all head teachers advising them of the action I am taking. I will be sure to keep them updated on the progress I make.”