Lib Dems in final push for weekly collections – following shock announcement

Lynne Featherstone MP and the Haringey Lib Dems have ramped up the pressure on the Labour-run Council following the revelation that Haringey Council has been successful in a bid for Government funding to support weekly bin collections.

When the fortnightly collection scheme was introduced by Labour-run Haringey, the Liberal Democrat MP and Haringey Lib Dems raised serious concerns about whether local people had been properly informed, and whether fortnightly collections would work in all parts of the Borough. Senior Council officials then admitted that residents had not been properly consulted.

Hundreds of Hornsey and Wood Green residents complained to Lynne Featherstone MP about rotting rubbish, increase in vermin, the outlook of their street being ruined and having the wrong size bins. Lynne Featherstone MP and the Haringey Lib Dems have since been lobbying hard for the Labour Administration to change its one size fits all policy, to recognise that different areas have different collection requirements, and to reintroduce weekly collections where appropriate.

Last week, Labour Cllr Gideon Bull admitted that the scheme has not been universally popular, and that the Council need to get smarter with dealing with bin collections.

Leader of the Haringey Lib Dems, Cllr Richard Wilson said:

“Ever since this disastrous scheme started, we have told the Labour administration that the scheme wouldn’t work in certain areas and that they should have consulted residents – but they blindly carried on with their flawed policy and did not listen to reason.

“Now we find out that Haringey Labour had bid for Government money to fund a return to weekly collections months ago. They obviously knew the policy wasn’t working and they would need to go back to weekly collections. They could have saved residents a lot of stress and hassle instead they chose to behave as if nothing was wrong.

“What makes it worse is there is money in the council coffers to pay for this even without the Government’s help; the publicity budget alone is a whopping £2.5 million.

“It’s a disgrace, even by Haringey Labour’s standards.”

Liberal Democrat MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, Lynne Featherstone commented:

“The Coalition has ditched the previous Labour Government’s policy of imposing fortnightly rubbish collections for all. As promised a year ago, we have delivered a quarter of a billion pound fund which will help councils support weekly collections.

“I am just appalled that Haringey Labour has waited this long. Now I fully expect them to collect rubbish weekly in areas like the Miltons – and other areas where fortnightly collections and one bin size doesn’t fit all!

“We’re issuing our final call, and I hope that they finally listen to the Haringey Lib Dems and residents – as they should have done in the first place.”