Winter is coming

Here’s a sneak preview of my latest email due to go out to local constituents on my email list:

Winter is coming and inevitably, it’s getting colder and colder. At this time of year, a warm home is vital, particularly for families, the elderly and vulnerable people.

But it isn’t always easy – Energy companies have been hiking up prices and have made it difficult for many people to keep their homes warm.

That’s why my Lib Dem colleague Ed Davey – the Energy Secretary – has developed numerous Government grants and discount schemes to help people with the cost of their winter bills. Here’s an overview of the many discounts and grants available:

The Winter Fuel Payment is for anyone born on or before the 5th July 1951 is entitled to a tax free payment from the Government, ranging from £100-£300 to help with heating bills. This year, you should receive the payment automatically – but do let me know if you haven’t and I will chase it up.

The Warm Front Scheme means that households can improve their heating or insulation at no cost. If your property is poorly heated or if you do not have working central heating system, the Warm Front Company will come and do the work – and the Government will pay the bill directly.

The Warm Homes Discount is run jointly by the Government and Energy companies, and gives recipients a £130 discount on Bills. It is generally targeted at the over 80’s – but some energy suppliers provide to others, such as people on disability living allowance.

In short – it’s well worth taking a look at these grants and seeing if you’re eligible! Energy companies do offer discounts to certain customers, so it may well be worth contacting you supplier to find out if you could benefit. British Gas is also offering free insulation.

If you have any problems applying, or are not sure whether you qualify, please reply to this email with your national insurance number, and I’ll investigate it for you.

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