Wheel Clampers on private land are no more

Today is the day when wheel clampers clamping on private land can no longer extort and terrify motorists in the manner to which a number of people had sadly become accustomed. They are no more! They are ex-clampers. And most people would think that a very very good thing!

It was practically the first decision I made as a Minister in the Home Office – to ban wheel clampers – and possibly one of the most popular decisions the Coalition has taken! The evidence of their bad behaviour (and for any who were unlikely angels – blame your less than well-behaved colleagues for the ban) was overwhelming.

They will still be able to ticket on private land – but they have to fulfil stringent conditions for such tickets that are issued to be valid in terms of signs and conditions etc.

So if you park on private land make sure you read the notices – and be aware – there are still those with lawful authority to clamp – like Councils and the police.

A good job jobbed!