Inequalities in Haringey’s health funding exposed

Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey and Wood Green, today launched a campaign to address the historic health funding inequality in Haringey. As a borough, Haringey receives less funding for health services than ‘inner’ London boroughs such as Camden and Islington.

The Liberal Democrat MP met last Friday with the Interim Director of NHS Haringey, CCG Chairs and local GPs to discuss the funding issue. The participants confirmed that the funding inequality was having a severe impact. Haringey patients, for instance, will sometimes not have access to the same services as Islington patients, and experience much longer waiting times.

In March, Lynne Featherstone wrote to the Secretary of State for Health regarding health funding in Haringey. The response confirmed that spending on public health had been lower in Haringey than other boroughs. A further letter from the Minister for Public Health confirmed that the new funding formula was being considered, and the final calculations would be published later this year.

Councillor David Winskill, Liberal Democrat Adult Services spokesman, said:

“Haringey residents face significant health inequalities. It is completely inappropriate for health funding and access to services to be based on a postcode lottery – especially when the funding formula doesn’t recognise Haringey’s real need. A new funding formula which recognises and addresses the current inequalities is urgently needed.

“After 40 years in charge of Haringey Council, the Labour administration has shown no signs of addressing this issue. I am glad that Lynne Featherstone is now taking this up on behalf of Haringey residents.”

Lynne Featherstone MP said:

“I was shocked to hear about the effects of the funding inequality on Haringey patients. It is simply not right that Haringey residents should wait longer for, or not receive the same treatments as residents of Camden or Islington.

“I have written to the new Secretary of State for Health, asking him to meet urgently with a deputation before the new funding formula is decided. I will also be contacting constituents and asking if they want to sign up to support the campaign.

“Local people may know about my campaign for fairer funding for Haringey’s schools. You can expect a similar fight and effort to get fairer health funding for the borough.”