Haringey Council advertises in Westminster – MP Lynne Featherstone demands answers

A Haringey Council poster is on display at Westminster Tube station, prompting local MP Lynne Featherstone to ask why the Council appears to be spending money on advertising its services outside the Borough.

The poster – which asks for comments on the Council’s ‘One Borough, One Future’ fund – was snapped on Monday (26th June) at Westminster Tube station, eight miles from Haringey.

Lynne Featherstone, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Hornsey and Wood Green, commented:

“Haringey Council complains that it has no money for key services yet it seems it can spend money advertising at what must be one of the most expensive sites in London. What is the Council playing at?”

4 thoughts on “Haringey Council advertises in Westminster – MP Lynne Featherstone demands answers

  1. That’s not quite right Lynne. The advert is encouraging people to come forward with their suggestions to help the council fight inequality from what I gather. That’s different from advertising their services. As equalities minister, sounds like something you should be encouraging Lynne. Especially when it’s a council being a bit innovative for once!

  2. Why put up the poster in Westminster Tube station to advertise to Haringey residents then Steve? It’s not exactly the most effective location to pick, especially as it’s a location that is one of the more expensive ones to advertise in!

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  4. As I’m sure you’re aware Mark, they’re not advertising services to Haringey residents. They’re trying to attract MPs, policy types and leader’s in the voluntary sector to come forward with new/innovative ideas to help tackle inequality in Haringey. Lynne’s criticism is just a bit disingenuous.

    I also think it’s odd to assume that ideas for better services in one borough, can’t come from people outside that borough – particularly when a lot of councils seem so resistant to innovation and don’t often share good ideas from elsewhere.

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