Inaugural AGM of Highgate Neighbourhood Forum – Tuesday May 29

Hurrah! At last – Highgate can operate as an entity in its own right. The inaugural meeting of the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum will take place on Tuesday 29 May at 8pm upstairs at The Bull, North Hill, Highgate.

For so many years Highgate has been bedevilled by being split between two local authorities – Haringey and Camden . We all worked very hard during the passage of the Localism Bill for an amendment that would allow local areas like Highgate that are split across different local authorities to have a Neighbourhood Forum – and we won!

So – the next step is to apply to Camden and Haringey for designation as a Neighbourhood Forum. In order to do this there needs to be a properly constituted organisation with a Constitution and an elected Committee.

So there has to be an AGM to approve the draft constitution and elect a committee.  The Bull on North Hill has kindly allowed the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum to use their upstairs room. Sadly, however, that means there won’t be full disabled access to the meeting, for which the organisers apologise, but they hope that everyone will understand that, as they have no funds as yet, they have to accept offers as they are made.

They ask that you let them know if there is anything they can do to help anyone with mobility problems get up the stairs and assure everyone that they will be sending proxy forms for voting for those who can’t make it to the meeting. They would also be very pleased to hear from anyone who is able to offer them an accessible venue for future meetings.

You can get more information from their website here.

0 thoughts on “Inaugural AGM of Highgate Neighbourhood Forum – Tuesday May 29

  1. Big stuff eh?

    You concentrate on the big ticket stuff Lynne, whilst the rest of us worry about the way your miserable Tory party is taking the country.

    The third time you’ve took us into a double dip

    The gap between the have’s and the have nots is at a record high

    You guys really know you’re stuff huh?

  2. I agree this is good news. However, I’m confused: you say first meeting is Wed 30th, the Highgate Forum website say first meeting is Tues 29th. Which is it?