Fairer funding – hurrah!

Great news at the beginning of this week for schools in Haringey. After years of our campaign to get fairer funding, the coalition government has agreed to adjust the funding formula.

For decades Haringey’s schools have had to pay Inner London costs without Inner London funding – leaving local pupils short-changed. For 13 years the Labour Government did nothing about this injustice and when I launched our campaign back in 2007 I was a lone voice. But thanks to the huge support from the thousands of local Haringey residents who responded to our leaflets and emails and signed our petitions this campaign snowballed.

The change brings us into line with other boroughs like Hackney and Islington in terms of the inner / outer inequality. As a result of this campaign, schools in Haringey will now receive more funding per pupil – a great campaign success story!

However the full details of the new funding formula have not been published yet, so I’ve written to the Education Secretary welcoming the promised changes but demanding the very best deal for Haringey. Rest assured the campaign will continue until our schools have got the fair funding they deserve.

0 thoughts on “Fairer funding – hurrah!

  1. Well done Lynne! A great result after years of campaigning. Glad to see your hard work pay off

  2. All the money in the world isn’t going to make much difference unless you get some decent, non-sexist, teachers and a fair education system that doesn’t’ discriminate against males. Even if we did have more decent teachers they’re only human and can’t compensate that much for the issues of family breakdown and fatherlessness.

    I think the coalition’s promise to deal with false allegations against teachers is a far more important and significant issue (albeit only a drop in the ocean).

  3. In relation to fairer funding; it has been drawn to my attention that an unemployed haringey tenant has been refused a rent discount whilst unemployed but has actually been given a rent increase instead. I honestly could not describe this as fairer funding. Furthermore, the unemployed person has been granted contribution based jobseeker allowance for 6 months through paying first rate national insurance contributions whilst employed. In comparison to the unemployed entitled to jobseeker allowance through hefty national insurance contributions and no savings at all only a credit card to rely upon as a readymade loan, Haringey is not matching the educational fair-funding received.

  4. Its a silly posting as it will amount to 10% of nothing.
    The reality is, you’ve wiped away £6bn of education funding- so Haringey might, and only might, receive more of an equal slug of a far lower amount of cash.
    In real terms, it will be a lot less than we receive anyway, about 38% less.

    Time you saw the bigger picture methinks and quit these ridiculous propoganda postings!

  5. Was the funding supplied less for education than other boroughs due to the fact that Haringey did not give a decent discount to those tenants wishing to purchase their residential property? Quite possibly, the educational funding party decided that Haringey could afford to fund their own educational system better than the other boroughs.

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