0 thoughts on “Top 5 influential women of all time

  1. Whether we admired them or not, in terms of influence consideration would have to be given to Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, Angele Merkel and Mary (mum of Jesus).

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  3. I tend to see people as people rather than getting into this identity politics business. People who aren’t sexist don’t obsess over a person’s gender.

    On a related point I didn’t see any posts here about International Men’s Day. In fact I don’t think there has ever been one any year ever, nor have I seen Lynne marking it in her “equalities” work.

  4. Lynne’s list.
    1. Mrs Thatcher
    2. Samantha Cameron
    3. Anne Widecombe
    4. Edwina Curry
    5. The Cheeky Girls

  5. 1.Winston Churchills Mum
    2. Albert Einstens Mum
    3. Charles Darwins Mum
    4. Nikola Teslas Mum
    5. Isambard Kingdom Brunels Mum

    Special mention as we are using the Internet – Tim Berners Lees Mum

  6. first let me say that lynne featherstone given the capacity would be in this type of debate herself for her 100% work ethic..ok my top five….
    1) mother theresa (pardon spelling)
    2)emmeline pankhurst
    3)princess dianna
    4)thatcher(under protest)
    5)christa paffgen
    these are the ones that come to mind, i couldent remember names of others
    is that harriet harms man jealous, lynne featherstone is gorgeous so i say yes.

  7. How about these ladies?

    Esther Vilar
    Ayn Rand
    Phyliss Schlafy
    Camilla Paglia
    Christina Hoff Sommers

  8. 5 most influential politiciany type femme (uk) on the eye…..
    1) lynne featherstone..oozes class, without trying to.
    2)nadine dorries, thats a woman.
    3)peta jane boscombe, so much more than the young wannabes
    4)beverley hughes…very attractive..
    5)sarah brown..wo.
    cant remember some names of younger gals, good choice, and their all working.

  9. “first let me say that lynne featherstone given the capacity would be in this type of debate herself for her 100% work ethic”

    ..pity about her intelligence, morals, common sense, accountability, communication skills, sense of fairness, debating ability and knowledge.

    by the look of your second post you’re almost as sexist as she is too.

  10. harriet, hello..im not sexist, i just speak honestly and i understand it comes over as sexist.im just trying to brighten my lack of life up from some bad treatment i recieved,i mean christina ricci is perfect intellectually and visually from what i have seen of her, and in another way i could say what she does to my chicanary von royalle but i dont..seriously, can i ask you what your thoughts are if any on fathers who have lost their children and no human rights are at hand, also would you think in human terms that the justice system is part responsible for the state in which some are left mentally troubled? its just something i feel strongly about knowing someone..

  11. “can i ask you what your thoughts are if any on fathers who have lost their children and no human rights are at hand, also would you think in human terms that the justice system is part responsible for the state in which some are left mentally troubled?”

    My thoughts would be that people of Lynne’s mindset are the the very root of the problem you describe and quite frankly I’m incredibly surprised at your assessment of her. Most people in your position know Lynne has a great deal of power to address such disgusting inequality and seemingly an equal amount of determination for mothers and the family courts to be allowed to do whatever they want and for the problems to continue.

    She’s not quite as bad as some of the worst members of the Labour Party, but she’s getting there and doesn’t’ belong in the Lib Dems.

  12. Maybe Shirley Williams might be on the list of most influential women. Not in a good way though. Have you seen some of the comments about Shirley on Twitter this evening? It would make you shudder.

  13. harriet harms man, point totally taken..i havent tried asking her due to my living in manchester so i personally have no idea of her thoughts or lack of on the subject, however i have tried to speak to quite a few with no reply,including my own mp.i have not got your political understandings and i really wish i had because its important.i really thought she (lynne featherstone) was different and actually cared..being honest i dont even know much about her other than some reports which were good and i think she stood out to me above the the baby kissing bastard blaire groupies (mostly men who want blaires children) and to find the real deal anywhere seems impossible as someone will have a bad word..You say shes not as bad as some of the labour party,can you help me by telling me who i could get help from please? and also tell me who the worst are ? as you have probably realised i am not well up on this and having had no help from the “people in power” i am pissing in the wind..going back to human rights can you tell me why a unmarried father is still allowed to go through the motions of 5 years of on and off court appearences when the outcome is “fuck him” and after giving access through the ‘legal’ procedures they do nothing to protect him when the mother does not adhere to it? that is a total contradiction of justice being carried out in the name of justice-fuckin hell surely there is someone i can speak to? i am in debt to you..thank you.

  14. Terry – technically you have to go through your local MP so it’s pot luck depending on where you live whether you get any real help.

    TBH there aren’t’ many good MPs out there. A fair few Lib Dems are ok and some very good indeed although they haven’t got anywhere near living up to their manifesto commitments or tackled sexism against men in the way the Lib Dem grassroots wanted them too. All are better than Lynne though when it comes to gender equality. You’re right to say she is “different”, but only in the sense that she belongs in the Labour Party (she even supports all women shortlists!).

    The Conservatives have always had a few good people but they’re a mixed bag really. Cameron has had some very nasty things to say about fathers recently (and said them on Fathers Day!) but their newer intake has some great MPs, and by far the best person in Parliament is Dominic Raab.

    The most sexist politicians are found in the Labour Party, it’s completely infested, almost compulsory now. Harman is the obvious one but there are countless less high profile man-haters just as bad and sometimes even worse! Pretty much all the parties seem to put sexist people in the equalities roles, and Labour are the most guilty here, so just look through the history of labour “equalities” ministers / shadow ministers and you’ll have a list of some of the biggest bigots.
    THe people who’ve had such roles include Patricia Hewitt, Harriet Harman, Yvette Cooper, Kate Green, and Fiona Mactaggart, though there are plenty of others who didn’t have that particular job No summary of the problem would be complete without also mentioning Vera Baird though (thankfully kicked out at the last election), she’s basically as bad as it got.

    My assessment of the situation is that every other female Labour MP hates men and strongly supports sexism against them. It’s not a problem that’s going away either, many of the newer intake seem just as hateful and ill-informed as those that have gone before. And it’s not strictly a gender issue either, they have male MPs making your average father’s life a misery too (Ed Balls being one name that comes to mind).

    I can’t really tell you much about human rights. But whoever your MP is it’s still worth letting them know your situation. Do a bit of research on them first though to see what their background and track record is. Theyworkforyou.com and Wikipedia are the best resources for that.

  15. Harriet h m..just to say thank you for your help.,i have found some truths that are belonging in a different century and i have written on the greece problem due to a friend putting me on the spot, the most disturbing thing is the treatment of hollie greig,her mum,and robert green..and the shithouse craven cover up and gagging orders that are so easy to get unlike a true contact with my children was..i had a strange feeling when reading the guy who heads the ‘new fathers for justice,..? sorry i cant think of his name, but he gave this tory a lesson in what you should know to earn your wages when he quoted figures and stats whereas the tory was just refering constantly to ‘runaway fathers’ and in the end the fathers guy said, ” well can you pass a message on to cameron from me”? .and he said “tell cameron i hope he wont mind me goiing on hunger strike outside his house” and that is what it comes down to,even though i still believe some evil is at work i cant understand how NO-ONE has stood up and said “fuckin’ hell, how can we let honest decent loving fathers lose their own children with the worst missuse of justice that gives fake contact to them while allowing none” ps..dont be offended,are you female? thanks again.