Interview with My Muswell – 'Muswell Hill's digital town square'

I was recently interviewed by My Muswell about local issues as the local MP. Given Muswell Hill was where I started my political journey it was a walk down memory lane. You can read the interview here.

0 thoughts on “Interview with My Muswell – 'Muswell Hill's digital town square'

  1. Digital is the way forward. I’m a telecom journalist and one of your constituents and supporters (had one of the first mobiles in London 1984 pre-launch) and still write about the digital divide and the upcoming technology. I know Muswell Hill was one of the four BT beta sites for its super-fast Infinity broadband and I’m deeply involved in supporting FTTx in the UK. It benefits eduation, climate change and business. If you ever feel you need some digital future input material please just ask to see if I can help. As I memebr of Coolhurst Tennis Club I can recall your gallant effforts on the new courts with Greg R!

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