Mike tells Boris what he things of his piddling cut in council tax!

Mike Tuffrey always did have a way of telling it like it is. In my day on the London Assembly it was Ken on the receiving end. Nice to see that he is still on it – and holding the current Mayor to account – pointing out to people in London just how measly and insignificant Boris Johnson’s ‘tax cut’ is.

Commenting on the Mayor’s budget proposals for the year 2012 – 2013 Mike said:

“A few weeks ago the Mayor was resisting our (Liberal Democrats’) proposal for a cut in the council tax bill. Now as the election approaches at the eleventh hour he has come forward with a mouse of a cut.

“The Mayor has failed to share with Londoners the fruits of the central government grant and he has failed to make real savings in the huge budgets he controls.

“By tackling waste and extravagant expenditure our proposals enable key services to be protected whilst giving Londoners a tax cut four times larger.

“When most Londoners are struggling with zero pay rises and increased household costs it is wrong that the Mayor has failed to help them in these tough economic times.”

Go Mike!