0 thoughts on “2011 report card

  1. So, a pro list of members on LibDem website thinks you’re doing a good job, is that about right?

    Hmmmmm, well they would say that wouldn’t they? They have to pick someone you see and so what with you keeping so quiet on most matters (exceptions include Labour and Haringey Council now that you’ve shredded their funds), you see you do least damage.

    So, congratulations! You’ve done little damage to the party but reveal yourself devoid of any principles, you’ve done nothing to help your poor constituents but show yourself as a typical Tory backbencher – congratulations again for being nothing but a liar and a cheat, well done.

    Sadly, we (voters) don’t tend to bother with MPs anymore as the Lords are doing ok at representing voters, many times better than you anyway.

    Do you want to resurrect yourself? Well, spend a couple of weeks with Jenny Tonge (Baroness), she’s not only a Liberal Democrat and can teach you what it means but she’s got immense character,oh and, doesn’t like the Tories (be careful, she won’t tolerate all the lies and try not cheat her).

    So, quick recap…. you are currently giving public sector employees a really really bad name but you could change that by hanging out with dissenting LibDem Lordships.

  2. A new yacht for queenie eh, Lynne.

    What do you LibDems think of that given that you’re shacked-up in in all too cosy coalition these out-of-touch Tories.

    Their MPs, and let’s not forget Clegg, erupt in cheers, backslapping and order paper waving when launching the greatest attack on the sick, dying and disabled since WWII.

    Their ‘Lordships’ just content themselves with taking money from dying children.

    Are you proud Lynne are you? I know that highly partisan website gave you a thumbs up but seeing as they delete dissenting opinions do you really trust them?

    I think for voting through these right wing attacks by the Tories you should be full of shame. Attacking people who are barely able to raise an objection.

    You are currently A LibDem minister, Clegg makes you vote with the Tories. You may as well just be a Tory backbencher.