MP Encourages Energy Saving this Christmas

To see firsthand how residents locally are benefiting from the Government’s home insulation programme, Lynne Featherstone MP visited a Wood Green couple on Friday (16th December) who were having their loft insulated.

Mr and Mrs Obeng are participating in the Carbon Emissions Reductions Target (CERT) programme, a Government scheme that enables people in draughty homes up and down the country to get free or heavily subsidised insulation.

The Hornsey and Wood Green MP was invited by national energy saving installer, Mark Group to see an installation in action.

Mr and Mrs Obeng had booked to have loft insulation professionally installed, knowing that thanks to CERT funding they would only have to pay £150. For this, Mark Group would insulate their loft to the recommended level (270mm), lag any pipes, insulate hot water tanks and seal around the loft hatch. In return, Mr and Mrs Obeng would enjoy the comfort of a warmer home, save up to £155 a year on their heating bills and help to cut carbon emissions. The scheme, run by the Government, also enables free insulation for households that are receiving qualifying benefits and some residents over the age of 70.

Mrs Obeng said: “You can’t really escape the messages in the media and from utility companies about making sure your home is properly insulated, but I don’t think many people realise how little it costs. There is always the option of insulating your loft yourself but, by getting the professionals in, we know they’ll do the job in half the time it would have taken us and with a lot less hassle.”

Ms Featherstone, added: “We have some of the draughtiest homes in Europe, and many people are losing money by the minute by not having the right level of insulation. The CERT scheme is a great way to help people save money and stay warm this winter.

“I’m sure Mr and Mrs Obeng will have a snugger, warmer Christmas thanks to their decision to insulate their home. And thanks to the CERT scheme, it is free or much cheaper than expected to follow in their footsteps.

“I would encourage all residents to do so, and help make Hornsey and Wood Green’s homes warmer, cheaper and greener.”

Mark Group installs over 200 cavity wall or loft insulation projects in the North London area every week, contributing to a total of around 250,000 installations nationwide, each year. Insulation is installed following a comprehensive survey of a property and agreement with the householder and can take as little as two hours to install. For further information or to arrange a survey call 0800 616 302 or visit