Equal right to the throne finally a reality

The outdated rule governing succession to the throne was, on Friday, overturned, following a vote by the 16 Commonwealth countries.

The change will now mean that a younger son will no longer become monarch instead of his elder sister, just because he is male.

Lynne Featherstone MP, who has been campaigning on this issue for over three years, said:

“This is so important in terms of equalities. Women should have equal rights to men in every aspect of life, including our Monarchy.

“I’m delighted that the unacceptable discrimination, whereby a son would be preferred over his sister simply because of his gender, will now finally come to an end thanks to strong action by the Government.”

0 thoughts on “Equal right to the throne finally a reality

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  2. This is so important in terms of equalities.

    Oh yes, the theoretical opportunity for one baby in tens of millions to become the unelected head of state is so much more important than protecting the rights of women in the workplace not to be bullied out of their jobs. Must be, because Lynne is supporting moves to make that sort of bullying easier.