Priory road safety – pedestrian crossing success after seven-year battle

This week work has started on a zebra crossing to improve the safety of Priory Road in Muswell Hill following a successful campaign by local Liberal Democrats which started over seven years ago.

Cllr Gail Engert and Lynne Featherstone MP, whilst a councillor, started a campaign in 2004 following a series of accidents on Priory Road. Now a pedestrian crossing will be installed on Priory Road and there will be associated works including raised entry tables at the junctions of Park Avenue North and Park Avenue South to improve safety for pedestrians.

Cllr Gail Engert (Muswell Hill) comments:

“I’m glad that local residents will soon have the much-needed zebra crossing to improve safety on this busy road. It is a testament to local residents persistence that we have continued with our campaign for so long.”

Lynne Featherstone MP adds:

“Such a relief that seven years of campaigning for road safety has finally paid off, it’s fantastic to deliver this great solution for local people.”


0 thoughts on “Priory road safety – pedestrian crossing success after seven-year battle

  1. Great work Lynne. You and your miserable party are sending the country and its residents of all backgrounds and origins to hell but you’ve managed collectively to get some lines painted on a road.

    How about getting it sponsored by some of your pet retailers? They could get their name etched on the white lines. Hey I’ve just identified one job for the private sector. Only another three million or so to go.

  2. Awesome Work!

    And it only took 7 years of campaigning to get it.

    With this type of focus and ability to get quick results I am now sure the country is in safe hands and I can relax.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing about the key issues this team is going to focus on next. More please.