Local MP awards Highest Reviser in Haringey

Kirsten Land, a student at Hornsey School for Girls has been awarded a certificate for being the highest reviser on SAM Learning in the borough of Haringey. Kirsten has completed an impressive 131 hours of revision!

The Award was presented by Lynne Featherstone MP and Justin Baron, Managing Director of SAM Learning.

Students at Hornsey School for Girls have been using SAM Learning, an award winning e-learning online revision service that has been used by more than half of all secondary schools in England, for their GCSE revision, as well as homework and other activities in the classroom.

SAM Learning Managing Director, Justin Baron, said: “With 1.7 million students across the country completing around 3 million hours of work with SAM Learning in the last year, students and teachers are working together to ensure they get the best results they can. Kirsten Land is one of our highest users and we’re pleased to be able to acknowledge and reward her great effort.”

Lynne Featherstone MP, said “Kirsten is such a hard worker, and it was fantastic to be able to celebrate her achievement with this special award for being the highest reviser on SAM in Haringey! No doubt she will go on to greatness and I wish her the best of luck in her GCSEs!”

Like Kirsten, the highest users in selected counties will have their efforts rewarded. Annual studies have shown that, with as little as 10 hours use, students do, on average, 1.5 GCSE grades better than expected. SAM Learning feels it is very important to award high using students like Kirsten, in the hope that this will encourage them, as well as the other students, to continue their hard work.