MP meets local citizens fighting for a better Haringey for all

To hear of the inspiring work of Haringey citizens who have come together to fight unemployment, for safer streets and greater community cohesion,  Lynne Featherstone MP recently met ‘North London Citizens’.

‘Citizens’ is an alliance of 40 civil society organisations from across North London, seven of which are based in Haringey. The Haringey branch of the alliance was formed in March, and consists of Alexandra Park School, Highgate Wood School, Highway of Holiness Church, North London Progressive Jewish Community, Rainbow Church, St Ignatius Church and St Ignatius College.

To find out what matters to local residents, the new alliance has spoken to thousands of local people, and identified areas that needed improving. In Haringey, unemployment, street safety and community relations came out top, and ‘Citizens’ will now find specific campaigns to improve these areas.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“Unemployment, street safety and community cohesion are all areas that I know are of concern to Haringey residents, and letters on these issues form a big part of my postbag.

“So it was great to hear from this dedicated team of citizens who have listened to local residents across Haringey, and now will develop specific campaigns to improve the area.

“I look forward to hearing how these campaigns develop, and to see how I can join in. Anyone who wants to get involved in this great initiative let me know and I’ll pass on your details!”