NLWA boss refuses to attend public meeting on Pinkham Way

Local Liberal Democrats have demanded that Haringey Council intervenes after the top boss at the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) this week refused to attend a public meeting on the controversial plans to build a waste processing plant at Pinkham Way.
In April 2011, Lynne Featherstone MP asked David Beadle, the managing director of the NLWA to speak at a meeting to raise awareness about proposals to build the waste plant and to listen to local concerns before the NLWA submitted the planning application to Haringey Council.
Following the rebuff by NLWA Lynne Featherstone MP has today written to the Labour representatives who sit on the publicly funded NLWA board, Councillors Nilgun Canver and George Meehan, asking that they personally intervene by asking the top boss to reconsider the invitation.
Lynne Featherstone MP comments:
“The consultation into plans to build a huge waste plant at Pinkham Way to date has been shambolic. I’m really disappointed that the waste authority has refused to address these concerns by attending a public meeting.
“Being at the meeting and being prepared to listen to local residents, before submitting the plans, would have gone some way towards giving residents assurances that their concerns will be heard.
“The NLWA is a public body funded by local tax payers – they should feel duty bound to attend a meeting and engage with residents over these major plans. I have today therefore written to councillors Meehan and Canver, asking them encourage Mr Beadle to reconsider.
“I share many residents’ fears about the plans to build this huge waste plant in a residential area and right next to local schools. The area already suffers from bad traffic, and over 330 lorries entering and exiting the site each day will make a bad situation worse. Rest assured, I will stand alongside residents in fighting these plans.”

0 thoughts on “NLWA boss refuses to attend public meeting on Pinkham Way

  1. Lynne you should read the ministerial code:

    Ministers are advised to take particular care in cases
    relating to planning applications in their constituencies or other
    similar issues. In all such cases, it is important that they make
    clear that they are representing the views of their constituents,
    avoid criticism of Government policies and confine themselves
    to comments which could reasonably be made by those who
    are not Ministers. Once a decision has been announced, it
    should be accepted without question or criticism.

  2. To make sure that the North London Waste Authority NLWA is aware of local concern over plans to build a waste processing plant at Pinkham Way local Liberal Democrats yesterday presented the authority s top boss with views from hundreds of local residents who had responded to a Liberal Democrat survey..Lynne Featherstone MP and Alexandra ward councillor Juliet Solomon met with David Beadle following serious concerns about a lack of consultation of residents living close to the proposed site. I hope the NLWA will consider these views closely before putting in their planning application later in the spring.

  3. We really appreciate your help in this matter, local residents feel let down by a political system that seems to make decisions in a shady and underhand way. Building such an enormous industrial site in the middle of a densely populated area with schools in the immediate vicinity is irresponsible. Most local councillors just pay lip service and do nothing. So thank you again for taking action.