Bounds Green residents outraged at lack of consultation on Pinkham Way

Lynne Featherstone MP with concerned local residents from Bounds Green and AlexandraA group of local mothers have this week confirmed fears about the lack of consultation of the local community over plans to build a new waste plant at Pinkham Way.

Lynne Featherstone MP met with mums who live close to the site on Friday (1st April 2011) to listen to their concerns and find out what consultation has taken place to date on the controversial plans. One local mother, Sakina Chenot, said she was “outraged” at the lack of consultation.

The Hornsey and Wood Green MP arranged the meeting after being contacted by worried residents who feel they have not been informed or consulted about plans to build a waste processing plant at Pinkham Way in Bounds Green. At the meeting, local residents Sakina, Lisa, Tara and Parveen questioned Haringey Council and the Waste Authority’s claim that local people had received letters about the plans in February. Whilst Barnet Council, who own the land, have made efforts to inform residents about the plans, Haringey Council have been quiet on the issue, leaving local residents unsure of what is happening.
To make sure people affected by the plans get a chance to have a say, Lynne Featherstone MP last week wrote to thousands of local residents asking for their views before she meets with the Waste Authority on the 14th April. Residents who want to write to Lynne about the plans, should either email her on or write to her at: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.
Lynne Featherstone MP comments:
“I’m really worried about the plans for Pinkham Way and their knock-on effect on people living in the Bounds Green and Alexandra Area. And a lot of local residents share my concern.
“With any such major plans, it’s essential that local people have a say. It’s really worrying that local people feel they have not been informed or consulted.
“That’s why I wrote to thousands of local residents last week, asking for their views. I’ll make sure the Waste Authority hear of them when we meet up. And there is still time. If you are worried, do get in touch.”
Bounds Green resident Sakina Chenot adds:
“The waste authority is planning to build a waste plant very close to my house, but no one from either the NLWA or Haringey have contacted me about the plans. I’m very surprised at claims that we have all received letters about this. All four of us here today live within close proximity to Pinkham Way, and none of us have had anything through our letterbox.
“As a local resident who will be directly affected, I am outraged that I haven’t had a say yet. I want to make my voice heard on this development, which I fear will have a real detrimental effect on the local neighbourhood – consult me now!”

0 thoughts on “Bounds Green residents outraged at lack of consultation on Pinkham Way

  1. Anyone think It’s a bit unfair that developments like this will be stalled and will take awhile to happen or move to a new area, as its a fairly affluent area with people who have the money and time to complain. Yet this facility which will be built will likely go to a poorer area maybe even in the poorer part of the borough where they won’t have as many initiatives to fight it off. Yet it could be important for raising money giving people jobs in construction and running of the plant and very lucky to be built in the borough.

    I also suggest Judicial review of the decision if it’s truly no consultation and you’re within the 3 month time limit. Rather then just moaning about it in meetings do something effective. Here’s the form