Don't forget census day says Lynne Featherstone MP

Lynne Featherstone with the 2011 census surveyLocal MP Lynne Featherstone is this week reminding all residents to fill in the 2011 census on census day, the 27th March, to make sure Haringey gets the right money to support its residents.
The Government uses census data, collected every ten years, to decide the funding needs of the population in local authorities.
It is commonly known that Haringey, like many London boroughs, has had poor census take-up, which has affected how much money the local authority has been given by central Government.

To give local people the best possible chance of getting the right money to support their needs, the Hornsey and Wood Green MP is this week reminding residents to fill in their surveys.
Surveys were sent out to all households at the beginning of March. Residents are asked to fill in their surveys, on paper or online, on census day, the 27th March.
Lynne Featherstone MP comments:                            
“It’s so important that local people take time to respond to the census. The money we get for local services is calculated based on census responses – to get the right money for local people, we need everyone to do their bit.
“Previously, Haringey’s population has been undercounted in the survey, which has resulted in less money to support our needs. It’s crucial that we get it right this year – so please make sure you fill in your survey on the 27th March!”