News – the Mark Pack way

My old campaign manager (old as in former, not age!), Mark Pack, now writes a really good newsletter about the Liberal Democrats which I think merits going far and wide.

In pursuit of which – you can see what you think – and promote it further on your social media networks if you agree. See what Mark says by signing up here.

0 thoughts on “News – the Mark Pack way

  1. Lynne I think you should get him back and see if you can achieve fifth place behind the Raving Monster Loony party rather than the sixth place achieved by the latest Lib Dem millionaire candidate in Barnsley.

  2. Adam, I was expecting a brand new blog entry from Lynne today after that disastrous election result last night.

    What was it that Nick Clegg said about “write off the Liberal Democrats”? Oh yes, he said it’s too soon.

  3. Oh yes, Mark Pack of LibDemVoice who is unflinchingly loyal to your right wing neoliberal party no matter what.

    It’s no wonder that the leadership have all turned into Pollyannas when people like Mark tell you what a wonderful job you’re doing.

    If you really think you’re that popular you should all trigger by elections and see how you’re getting on.