Lynne Featherstone MP speaks to local students about lobbying and campaigning

Lynne Featherstone with year ten students from Highgate School To help inspire students to engage in the local community and make a difference through campaigning and lobbying, Lynne Featherstone MP on Friday spoke to year ten at Highgate School.
The Hornsey and Wood Green MP was speaking to the students as part of their citizenship class about the workings of Parliament, lobbying MPs, and what can be achieved through local campaigning. The Liberal Democrat MP gave the students a range of examples of where the local community has come together to effect change, like the successful 603 bus campaign, and the campaign to save the Whittington A&E.
Lynne Featherstone MP comments:
“It’s pretty amazing the way things can be changed when local people come together to fight for a cause. I have seen it over and over again as a local MP.
“It was great to be able to show the young people here today that it can be done, and that as a citizen you have the opportunity to influence politics and the world around us. And they sure are an inquisitive lot, so I guess it’s just a matter of time before they start lobbying me on Government policy!”

0 thoughts on “Lynne Featherstone MP speaks to local students about lobbying and campaigning

  1. Ah yes, that’ll be Lynne Featherstone who was lobbied by students coming together but still voted with the government instead over tuition fees. Hmm.

  2. Pleased to see your tending your new market, Lynne.

    Highgate School- what are the fees there again? For parents who can send their children to Public School, University fees at £9000 are a bargain – often less than half what they currently pay in School.

    If the government is really committed to equality in Higher eduction how about this simple proposition: – Students should pay exactly two times what has been spent on their education up to this point.

  3. here they are
    £5,040 per term
    Junior School (Years 3 to 6) £4,620 per term
    Pre-Preparatory School
    Full time (Reception to Year 2) £4,365 per term
    Part time (Nursery) £2,185 per term (lunch not offered)
    But Highgate are keen to point out T-there’a free lunch involved.

    “Unlike many other schools with which our fees may be compared, the above figures are inclusive of lunch, the use of books, stationery and practically all other extras including future life membership of the Cholmeleian Society, field work and day visits in curricular time.”