Home Office tops Stonewall Workplace Equality Index 2011

This is an annual award (rating) by Stonewall which includes private, public and third sector workplaces – and the Home Office came in this year at No 1!

Receiving such a tremendous accolade is the result of really working to make the Home Office the best place to work for lesbian,gay and bisexual people.

And now it’s official – it is the best place!

It’s a real recognition of the Home Office’s drive to create an environment in which people feel they can be open about their sexuality.

The award means that the HO is the top place to work because Lesbian, gay and bisexual staff are represented and supported by senior managers and Spectrum – the department’s own network group. Stonewall said the department had ensured that the Specturm network had reached Home Office staff across the UK and applauded campaigns such ‘Here Come the Girls’ which address the lack of visible gay and bisexual women in workplaces.

The Home Office was also commended for accepting Stonewall’s recommendations in new training for asylum caseworkers on how to deal appropriately and sensitively with the claims of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. Also the Home Office was praised for supporting ‘Blow the Whistle on Gay Hate’ which encourages victims of homophobic hate crime to come forward and report such incidents to the police.

Stonewall said that the Home Office ‘understands the importance of truly embedding equality and diversity into everything it does’.

Congratulations to Ravi Shand, CBE QPM, Head of Equality and Diversity at the Home Office and to everyone in the Home Office who contributes to creating a workplace to be so proud of.

0 thoughts on “Home Office tops Stonewall Workplace Equality Index 2011

  1. Unfortunately, because of Stonewalls attitude to trans people, the whole place can be as transphobic as they like and still get to Number 1.
    I’m not saying it is, I’m saying that Stonewall (who demand more ‘equality’ in the LGB sector, but mean ‘more women in the LGB sector’ – while ignoring bisexual people, and of course the other 6 strands of equality) is hardly best placed to judge.

  2. You are very quiet Lynne.

    Aren’t you tickled pink that all the Tories voted Lib Dem in Oldham and Saddleworth so you stand to get 9,174 votes whenever this government that you were not elected to falls apart?

    Unless of course you are tempted to put it to the test before then. I pledge you my vote. Honest.