Your family – LibDem manifesto commitments commenced or delivered to date!

Lib Dem Manifesto p.49 “We will protect existing childcare support arrangements until the nation’s finances can support a longer term solution: a move to 20 hours free childcare for every child, from the age of 18 months.”

We have extended 15 hours free early education to all disadvantaged two year-olds, while keeping the free offer of 15 hours early education for every three and four year-old. We will be spending £300 million more on this by the end of the Parliament

Lib Dem Manifesto p.52 “We will offer a week’s respite for the one million carers who spend 50 hours every week looking after a sick relative.”

Paul Burstow has made over £400 million available in additional funding over the next four years to provide a week’s respite care to the almost one million carers who work over 50 hours a week.

Sarah Teather also recently announced £800 million investment in short break provision for disabled children and their families.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.50 “Maintain the commitment to end child poverty in the UK by 2020.”

This commitment has been maintained.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.50 “Enhance child protection. We will enforce the publication of an anonymised version of Serious Case Reviews to ensure that lessons are learned.”

Serious Case Reviews, including that of Baby Peter, have been published.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.52 “Scrap compulsory retirement ages, allowing those who wish to continue in work to do so.”

The government has announced it is ending the compulsory retirement age.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.54 “We will stop private sector wheel-clamping”

I have announced that wheel-clamping on private land will be banned.

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  1. Someone phones the LibDem HQ and asks for a copy of the Party’s manifesto.
    The person who answers the phone says: “I’m sorry, we’ve sold out.”
    The caller replies: “Yes I know. I just wanted a copy of the manifesto.”

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  3. Lynne do us all a favour in Hornsey and Wood Green and get elevated to the House of Lords. They are also a bunch of unelectable nitwits. As for the numerous Lib Dems who are tweeting on your garbage yep that’s going to convince the electorate. What was that about new politics and no spin?

  4. Wheel-clamping is on the “family” part of the LibDem manifesto, but nothing to end citizenship discrimination against children born before 2006 to unmarried British fathers.

    We are now lower than cars. Thanks.

  5. Lynne this is Alfie Meadow’s family writing about the deep sense of betrayal he felt when he believed this pledge

    The Guardian, Thursday 30 December 2010

    Do others feel deeply patronised by the appointment of Simon Hughes to “frame an effective message” about the changes to further and higher education (U-turn hint, 29 December)? The government’s assumption is that those who protest have misunderstood the facts.
    But the coalition’s policies are filled with contradictions; one lies in the pervasive rhetoric of choice. Students will take their loans and choose the best university for them, producing a free market in higher education that will lead to the growth of some institutions and academic subjects and the collapse of others. Citizen petitions will select new laws to be debated in parliament.
    This rhetoric merely conceals the coalition’s appeal to economic necessity: there is no choice, they tell us. If you oppose our attempts to reshape public services, or higher education, you are being childish, failing to face the facts, disrupting the great work of national recovery. You are part of an almost “feral” mob. This technique is familiar to all parents: if a child resists (going to school etc) offer a small trivial choice which creates the illusion of control. Would you like the Moomin lunch box or the Fireman Sam one? What this tiny area of choice tries to conceal is the child’s lack of autonomy. But, as every parent also knows, there are choices, and they are made by the parent.
    Economists disagree over the economic crisis; the coalition’s deeply ideological “reforms” are not driven by economic necessity and it is this knowledge that leads large numbers of citizens, of every age, class and level of education, to take to the streets. The fear of dissent is what drives the violence with which protest is being policed. As a member of that “feral” mob on 9 December – and mother of injured student Alfie Meadows – I know that a party which could not gain a majority at surely the most propitious moment in recent history is trying to use the language of necessity to bring in changes that will reduce equality.

    Susan Matthews

  6. Education is a terrible breach of trust, its privatisation hits families hard. The Privatisation of our NHS, our forensics services and our forests is more upsetting. Each one of these has significant impacts upon UK family life. Chasing shareholder profit is one of the contributory causes of this crash. Bankers speculated (riskily we find out now) to meet the demands for profits and increased returns for shareholders. To strip the finance being re-invested in public services and hand this to shareholders to make more profit is as obscene as it is ideologically driven. One news article this week reported that average rail travel will cost more than £5000 this year as profit doesn’t get reinvested into services and goes into shareholder pockets. Conservative market ideology rewards rich Conservative voters, the business owners, shareholders and millionaire friends of the cabinet.

    I will be standing next to Billy Brag this year resisting this most illiberal and illegitimate of governments.

  7. Lynne – do you have nothing to say about the proposed changes to the NHS? I’d appreciate hearing your opinion – and preferably YOUR opinion, not another cut and paste job from the ConDems.

  8. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any more replies on here from Lynne. I think someone has had a word in her ear. So I won’t expect her to comment on Michael Gove telling Tories to vote Lib Dem in Hull, more evidence of the tighter and tighter binds that tie the two parties together. After all, without the Tory sympathy vote in the recent by-election, the Lib Dem candidate would have lost his deposit.

    Who would have thought it a year ago – the only people voting for the LibDems are Tories. It really is all over – we now have a two party system. If Lynne stands at all at the next general election, she will be standing as a Tory, either in name or by proxy. What a shame.