Your health – LibDem manifesto commitments commenced or delivered to date!

Lib Dem Manifesto p.41 “Integrate health and social care to create a seamless service, ending bureaucratic barriers and saving money to allow people to stay in their homes for longer rather than going into hospital or long term residential care.”

Around 35,000 people will benefit from a £70 million cash boost announced by the Coalition that will enable the NHS to support people back into their homes after a spell in hospital.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.40 “We will… scrap Strategic Health Authorities”

The Government White Paper on Health states that we will scrap Strategic Health Authorities.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.43 “Giving every patient the right to choose to register with the GP they want, without being restricted by where they live.”

The NHS White Paper states that we will give every patient a clear right to choose to register with any GP practice they want with an open list, without being restricted by where they live.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.41 “We will prioritise dementia research within the health research and development budget.”

The Treasury confirmed in October that this commitment on dementia research will be prioritised within health research and development. Paul Burstow is now personally overseeing this commitment through
his role as chair of a Ministerial Advisory Group by ensuring that dementia researchers get a fair share of the £1.7 billion research fund. Plans will be published in the New Year to accelerate the pace in this vital area of research.

Lib Dem Manifesto p.41 “We will improve access to counselling for people with mental health problems, by continuing the roll-out of cognitive and behavioural therapies.”

The Spending Review included funding to expand access to talking therapies, including those with severe mental illness and for the first time the children and adolescents. We have already committed £70million this year to give more people the opportunity to access talking therapies. This funding will help tackle the devastating human cost of mental health by ensuring that the right action is taken early in people’s lives. By March 2011 services will be offered to around 60 per cent of the country increasing to 100 per cent by 2014.

0 thoughts on “Your health – LibDem manifesto commitments commenced or delivered to date!

  1. What, you’re trumpeting dementia research at the same time as cutting cancer research?

    Lynne, these little LibDem achievements are making me angry more than anything – your fightback will flop unless you get out of coalition and think about the big picture.

    You are about to raise VAT. You are reorganising the NHS again and at great expense (I thought there was no money??????). You are destroying state Education by essentially privatising it. You are leaving Higher Education (and therefore students) to the ‘market’. You are tipling fees – something you pledged not to do. You are destroyintg the welfare state. You have made a complete mess of Defence. You are enforcing brutal cuts on the poorest Local Governments in the country whilst giving the wealthy ones an easy ride. You are going to remove the poor from all rich areas of the country and ship them off to Slough.

    Shame on you.

  2. Lynne you didn’t have anything about privatising the NHS you seem to be going ahead with this anyway. By introducing GP commissioning you are introducing a Marketplace for private business to sell goods and services previously provided direct by the NHS. My GP and surgeon colleagues tell me that this is actually the privatisation of the NHS public won’t notice for 10 years it will be too late then. Money previously reinvested into NHS services will go into the pockets of shareholders.

    On top of provatising education, forensics and forests is their anything that the libdems won’t do for Market profit?

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  4. Hurrah. It’s all so fantastic. I just can’t see why only 13% of the population intend to vote for your party just 6 months into the honeymoon period of this political nirvana.