US Senate repeals Don't Ask Don't Tell

This is great news and significant news – and not just because of the actuality for gay and lesbian military in the US which is obviously of prime importance – but for the huge message it sends out about equal rights.

When we had begun to think that Barack Obama’s mission might fail – as only last week there was no sign that this would be the result – it is just fantastic that the Bill went through (promoted by an independent Senator and a Republican) and that it passed with a healthy majority.

This is the ending of the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ rule in the US military where if you are gay or lesbian – you mustn’t ever say you are. Ludicrous – but for the last seventeen years if you did say – you were expelled from the military. Hideous!

So many steps taken – so many still to go – but very heartwarming to see another (and very major) step in the right direction.

0 thoughts on “US Senate repeals Don't Ask Don't Tell

  1. Lynne

    This relates to US where even you don’t have any influence let alone us.

    Why on earth don’t you talk about something that has a greater impact on local equal rights? Remember, you and your overly comfortable chums in government have just cut £46million from Haringey’s budget.

    No doubt, as the council tries to do it’s best under the extreme circumstances, we can look forward to you taking pot shots for the sidelines.

    Shame on you and your penuious idea of localism. You should stop experimenting with the wellbeing of ordinary people.

  2. I agree with Bob.

    She’s not just a local MP any more so you can’t expect her to simply blog about Haringey. However why not mention UK equality issues and use this blog to discuss important concerns which you won’t see in every single newspaper/website going? I just can’t see any value to this post, or at least I can think of several hundred that would have been far more relevant/useful/important.

    If Lynne somehow contributed to the repeal of this policy and can claim credit for it then this post is of course justified, but I don’t’ believe that’s the case.

  3. Lynne, the US allows automatic US citizenship to children born to unmarried American fathers. No cut-off dates and no unscrupulous Home Office workers picking and choosing who gets to have their illegitimate birth registered and who does not.

    The UK could learn a thing or two about this concept.

    You fought along with the rest of the Lib Dems for UK citizenship for us kids. Now you’ve abandoned us. To use your own words above – hideous.

  4. Lynne, how about writing a blog with your views on the Vince Cable news. A lot of us would be interested to hear what you, and other Lib Dems have to say.

    Was Vince right reveal his thoughts about the tensions within the Coalition? And was he right to apologise for telling the truth as he saw it?

  5. Here’s another question for you.

    As you know, the UK presently discriminates against couples on grounds of sexual orientation – it is not possible for gay people to marry or for straight couples to get a civil partnership.

    A legal challenge to this situation is being is launched in the European Court of Human Rights. Do you, as Minister for Equalities, support the challenge and, if so, does that mean that the Government will not defend the case?

  6. Dave…. you’re going a bit deep there….. Have you got any questions on local parking issues or recycling bins?

  7. I do appreciate Lynne’s posting celebrating the good news on DADT. I also would like to see an answer to Dave’s question about whether Lynne will be supporting the current campaign for LGBT equality being launched in this country. This discrimination impacts negatively on my life and I would like Lynne’s help to rectify the situation. Lynne, we know that your party supports this, but how much power do you have as part of the coalition to make this happen?