Highgate Choral Society – Elijah

A magnificent performance of Mendelssohn’s Elijah last night by the Highgate Choral Society (of which I am a patron).

Ronald Corp was the conductor, the New London Orchestra played the music – five soloists took the solo characters – but the real stars are without doubt the Highgate choristers – the many local people who every Monday night rehearse and rehearse  year in and year out. When the Chorus takes off and swells and soars to the rafters – those are incomparable moments.

Congratulations to everyone for such a wonderful performance and to the unsung and less seen members who do all of the organisation – and it must take a tremendous amount of organisation to put on such a huge show.

0 thoughts on “Highgate Choral Society – Elijah

  1. I am sure it was great. But is this really all you can write about – in the last week it’s been a choral performance, a planning application and christmas cards. You clear hate this government more than even I do as you cannot bring yourself to write a word in its defence.

    Suddenly all those years of freebooting opposition, saying any old rubbish on the basis that you were never going to get the chance to do something, endlessly slagging off Labour for making decisions about the very same tough choices you now face seem so much happier than power, don’t they.

    Just resign and get it over with. You still won’t be re-elected but at least you’ll find it easier to sleep at nights.

  2. Oh Lynne, you must so proud of slaughtering of the legal aid budget: no more pesky equality actions, eh?

  3. Lynne,

    Glad you enjoyed the concert. Suppose you need something to take your mind off the war on the poor.

  4. Can you sleep at night Lynne?
    I hope not
    Forget waiting 4 and a half years to get rid of you, you give us half a chance and we’ll throw you out now you treacherous sell-out
    Love from your constituents

  5. Lovely, Lynne, I’m glad you had a pleasant evening. Now what about the attack on university funding and the huge rise in student fees, and the latest news from the LibCon HQ, a massive reduction in legal aid?
    Pleasantries about your social life are one thing. Your responsibility to your constituents for the right-wing policies being energetically pursued by your government are perhaps more pressing for most of us.
    What’s your latest position on student fees, and what do you think about the attack on legal aid?

  6. I would imagine that Lynne’s workload is more than excessive and has little time to blog on equality and other controversial issues that always generate a lot of response that is time consuming for her to read.

    However, there were serious issues raised concerning the impact of the Equality Act on the trans community, and these were discussed at the EHRC last week. It would be interesting to hear Lynne’s views on this topic.

    A number of trans folk are pinning their hopes on the substance of the cross government trans action plan. At 6 December GEO meeting, those representing some of the trans community would appreciate you making the following commitments:

    – that the action plan is based on meeting the aspirations of the trans people rather than reflect GEO’s interpretation of what it thinks we need / what it is prepared to do/ what is in its business plan for the next year etc etc;

    – that the plan is an enduring document that is not limited to problems that can be resolved in (say) the next business year eg due to a lack of Parliamentary time;

    – that, it in the context of the Big Society, the document is jointly ‘owned’ by trans folk and the government who will work together to meet the aims of the document;

    – that the trans action plan is not another mere ‘process’ but is intended to make progress on the plural and serious problems faced by trans people;

    – that government will demonstrate progress in implementing the action plan to the trans community;

    – that any the aims that require tax payer funded research (specifically on identifying numbers in any population group) should be presented to and scrutinised by the trans community, to ensure that progress in implementing actions is not unnecessarily delayed (and existing data sources, known by the trans community, can be accessed).

    Fortunately, the trans action plan can and should be built on the excellent work done by GEO at the trans workshop held on 15 March. Will it be?

    Trans is so far behind the other strands and needs special attention. Crumbs falling from the equality table are no longer sufficient for us. Please help us.