Christmas Card Competition

It’s that time again – my annual Christmas Card competition for primary school children in Hornsey & Wood Green.

I visited some of the children actually during one of their painting classes (Highgate Primary – my old school) to see how they were getting on. As I walked in Christmas Carols were blaring out and there was glitter and golden snowflakes everywhere. Paintings full of Christmas trees and Santas – as you would expect – but there are always lots of things you would never have thought of in a million years. Each  year to date – I have set a particular theme – but this year decided to ask the children to do whatever Christmas means to them. As ever – the children were huge fun – very excited and inquisitive – and it is a lovely way to finish as my last visit on a Friday afternoon!

I will be judging on the 11th and the winner and runners up will be announced shortly after that.

0 thoughts on “Christmas Card Competition

  1. Brilliant idea Lynne

    This years’s set by the children themes.

    Both Mum and Dad pictured at the dole queue.

    IDS delivering a spade as a present so Mum and Dad can do the gardening and litter picking he is introducing in return for benefits now they have both been thrown out of their jobs as council gardeners and street cleaners (The Bin Society).

    An empty fridge.

    A picture of White Christmas in the Borough of Westminster (no black people left).