Susan Kramer for Party President

It was a surprise when Ros Scott announced that she was not going to stand for another term as LibDem Party President. She has done a fantastic job – up and down the country – exhorting, helping, challenging and supporting local parties. Thank you Ros!

So – there’s a vacancy.

I am thrilled that Susan Kramer has put her hat in the ring for this – and I am supporting her 100%.

She will take on the mantle of caring and loving party members and local parties themselves the length of this land. In this brave new world of coalition – we need someone like Susan who has the time, the energy and the commitment to look after the Party, the local parties, the individual members and be a strong voice for Party members.

Go Susan!

0 thoughts on “Susan Kramer for Party President

  1. I was sad to see Ros discontinuing her blog shortly after becoming President, but fully understood why. Just hoping that she goes online again when her term as President ends…

  2. I have just seen Susan Kramer on The Daily Politics, defending the Tories’ child benefit (CB) cuts. The aspect of the cuts that appalls me is the fact that a couple on as much as £86,000 p.a. can still get CB, whereas a one-income couple earning over £44,000 will lose CB. That is not only grossly unfair, it is lazy and target-easy. I say this as a woman without children. For people like me, who became disillusioned with Labour (having left that Party in 2005), the Lib-Dem Party was worth considering. However, now that I see the lengths to which their senior members will go to get a modicom of power, I realize there is really nowhere for me to go. What a let-down! I suppose I should consider voting Green next time. It seems to be the only Party with any integrity.

  3. …and now the Tories are making up policy on the hoof – compensating for the Child Benefit debacle by promising a tax break to married couples only that is no longer limited to lower rate tax payers only.

    Were the Lib Dems consulted on this? This conference really does seem to be fleshing out the bones of the coalition agreement. Looks like it’s a Conservative Government after all.