Conference diary – Saturday

16.00    Arrive Liverpool

18.30     Conference Rally

20.00    Impact of Immigration cap on Communities / EMLD and Chinese Liberal Democrats / Fringe / speaking

21.00     London Region Reception

22.00     LibDem Blog of the Year / Nominated

0 thoughts on “Conference diary – Saturday

  1. 16.00 Arrive Liverpool
    16.01 Surrounded by all 14 Lib Dems who think my being a turncoat is going to lose them their council seat. No more agonising over cracked paving stones.
    22.00 Nominated blog of the year
    22.10 Getting p*ssed in the bar having been beaten by Joe Grimmond whose blog from beyond the grave is declared a proper summation of liberal values.

  2. Sorry I forgot did I mention I am a nominee for Blog of the Year (Lib Dem South category)? I will have to do over that Teather woman if she wins. Oh phew she doesn’t seem to have a blog.

    What they say about me:

    “She was nominated for Lib Dem blogger of the year.”

  3. Honestly Lynne – are you still trying to ‘out’ Adam. Get over yourself. I hope Adam does have a good job – the workforce needs intelligent, honest people.

  4. Lynne – confused about your comment re: Adam’s name and job. What is the relevance? Will you be revealing everyone’s surname and their employment details who posts on here? Presumably lots of people wish to post in a private capacity, seperate from their employment? Could you explain?