Health Double Whammy!

Following close on the heels of the suspension of the out of hours walk in clinic at the Hornsey Hospital Community Health Centre comes the news that Camidoc will be replaced by a private provider. Good grief – what are they thinking? Camidoc have provided the service for twelve years.

I await a response to my letter below – but would welcome local peoples’ views on Camidoc. I have always had really good service from them – and have never had a complaint about them from any constituent. What is your experience of Camidoc?

Dear Tracey,

RE: Camidoc out of hours service

I am writing to get clarification on some worrying news that have emerged. I have recently been contacted by local residents and member of the Defend Haringey Health Services Coalition, with the news that Camidoc’s out of hours contract has been terminated from October. I was extremely worried to hear that such a decision has been made, without any consultation, public information or engagement.

My impression is that Camidoc has successfully carried out this contact in the past and is highly valued and regarded by many local residents.

I would be grateful if you could clarify what the situation is with Haringey’s Camidoc contract come October. I would also be keen to find out what steps you are taking to ensure that local people and stakeholders are consulted on any major decisions to out of hours doctors services in Haringey.

Thanks for your time, and for providing clarification on the above.

Lynne Featherstone

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  1. Camidoc always a good service.Its a service that is so needed in all areas. By cutting it, it will increase pressures on to A/E departments with minor illnesses. A/E departments are already full and overworked and would it be better to treat the REALLY sick and use the resources there rather than treat numerous small problems which a GP could treat.

  2. This sort of service should be provided by the NHS not a private provider. Surpised Lib/Dem MP`s support this sort of contract but I am afraid they have basically now sold out their principals and ideals in return for their ministerial salaries.


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  4. Lynne, why the tone of innocent surprise? You are part of a government which is committed to making huge cuts in public services and handing out what’s left of NHS money to GPs (most of which will go to private firms doing what the publicly-accountable PCTs did before).
    So please get a grip and stop playing the ingenue. Either you’re in favour of the political line being taken by your government, or you’re against it, in which case please resign your ministerial position and speak out against what is being done in your name.

  5. Just wanted to add this to anyone who thinks this is unjust

    There are actually three groups affected. Children of British mothers born before 1983, children of unwed Britis…h fathers born before July 2006 and also children of British citizens who are born abroad who cannot pass on their citizenship if that child is born abroad as well. Its an age discrimination and someone has to step and fight it and I hope that my efforts will not go in vain. If you can ask people to sign up to the online petition then so much the better.

  6. One could almost (almost) feel sorry for Lynne. A decade of pontificating on the moral bankruptcy of all her opponents and now reduced to pretending as a minister of the crown that she has no responsibility for actions taken on her behalf in that role.

    Let us just reminder her that, although she – as a minister collectively responsible for everything government does – wants to remove this accountability, the PCT is fully accountable to the NHS Executive and through them to the Secretary of State. Andrew Lansley just has to pick up the phone and this could stop.

  7. Hi Lynne

    It’s happening everywhere, the hospital I was in last week is closing a ward at the end of August to save money…. pretty frontline I’d say.

    Whilst I believe you to be a good local MP and am grateful for your sincere offer of support should I need it. In government, however, you and some of your LibDem colleagues are unable to blunt this new wave of Thatcherism…. one of the problems is that some of your LibDem colleagues clearly swallow it.

    This needlessly draconian emergency budget that George Osborne unveiled will cast a long shadow over anything positive you do, even the FT not known for it’s doveish position on public spending, after a week of debating, has taken to quoting Keynes…. “The boom, not the slump, is the right time for austerity at the Treasury”.

    Sure there’s Greece but you’ll know by now there is no comparison with 70% of Greek government debt held overseas and 30% for UK – it’s wrong to compare them.

    Regarding your blog, I want to say that you should stop these cuts but I know you’re in no position to do so. All I ask is that you make yourself aware of what’s actually going on, know that you’re part of what’s likely to be more damaging than even Thatcher. I’d ask that you do something but I really don’t know what, if anything, the LibDems stand for anymore other than propping-up this dangerous Tory government.

  8. Changes are happening that none of us are happy with I really have no idea where this will all lead too, lots of people I am speaking too are really worried and frightened about the future. I hope the MP’s are listening we dont want to be frozen with fear that will not look good from ourside the UK.

  9. I agree with ,Mr Bubblebath’s post. Has our MP read her government’s White Paper?This will allow GPs to hand over all services to the private sector.GPs do not have to consult or involve the public on services. They don’t have to declare their financial interests. The transfer she is whining about is a drop in the ocean compared to her government’s plans for our health service. I have family members with chronic conditions who rely on the health service and have excellent responsive hospital care. I dont think that a GP commissioned service -outsourced to SERCO or whoever else has bankrolled REFORM or the other derranged Tory thinktanks could or would meet their needs. Back to the wheelclamps …..Is our MP refusing to face the reality of her govenment? is this why she is focussing on dross like Mad Men body images and wheel clamps?

  10. Camidoc in Hornsey and Islington has provided an excellent out of hours service for my family over the years. Examples of reasons to contact Camidoc have included severe ear infection during the night, grand daughter with very high temperature, and a burns incident. It would be shocking if this service was to be removed. Is this part of the slow privatisation of the NHS?