Local MP celebrates Proud of Pubs Week

Lynne with 3 Compasses landlord Nigel OxfordTo mark proud of pubs week and highlight the valuable role pubs play in the local community, Lynne Featherstone MP was chatting with landlord Nigel Oxford and pulling a few pints at the Three Compasses Pub in Hornsey.

The Hornsey based pub has been widely recognised for the role it plays in the community and in 2008 won an award for best community pub.

Lynne Featherstone MP comments:

“I’m really proud to be backing pubs in Hornsey and Wood Green this week.

“Places like the Three Compasses become even more important in times of hardship, as places to meet and keep the local community together. So here’s to all the great community pubs in Haringey – cheers!”

0 thoughts on “Local MP celebrates Proud of Pubs Week

  1. With the way this coalition government is running this country we will all be in the Pub drowning our sorrows.
    What on Earth made me decide to vote LibDem and end up with them supporting the right wing Tory party.Who will pick up the LibDem votes next time.I would not be surprised if the BNP became the third party because of how Clegg and his Colleagues betrayed the Liberal vote.
    I would not vote for them but I expect a lot will as a protest vote.Is that not how you lot got in,on the back’s of disaffected labour voters.
    I think I will emigrate while there is time.Its time to abandon this ship before it hits the rocks and anarchy reigns.

  2. What a charmingly Dickensian scene you conjure up Lynne. However, are you able to address the aspects of alcohol / poverty which aren’t quite so cosy? No, I thought not.

  3. A lot of people with short term memories are blaming this government for clearing up the economic mess left by the last one. Alastair Darling was also intending to make £44 billion of cuts so even the Labour Party recognised that they were in a mess.

    As for a right wing agenda and Liberal values – how about abolishing ID cards (a right wing policy if ever there was one)? and taking steps to remove those earning below £10,000 out of income tax? and how about restoring the link between pensions and wages? and how about introducing the pupil premium to get more money into schools to help poorer students? That will do for a start.

    I believe the Labour government relaxed licensing hours and increased late night drinking. Were you talking about alcohol and poverty then, Helen? No, I thought not.

    This government has made a good start. It is a pity that the Labour muppets who commented above are too blind and partisan to recognise this.

  4. I’ve waited a long time for a government that doesn’t try to control, patronise, ignore and mislead the people.

    As I said, it is early days. No government is perfect and this one certainly won’t be, but at least two parties have the courage to try and work together for the national good and I will be looking to the Liberal Democrats (as I think David Cameron is) to counter some of the more extreme Tory elements and to put fairness at the heart of its agenda.

    I notice, Julie P, that you are quick with the one line insult, but fail to respond to any of the points I made. The Labour Party has been quick to say, ‘Not me Guv’ when our economic situation is addressed, as if the last thirteen years were a strange aberration that had nothing to do with them. Well it did have something to do with them and if they think the coalition’s solutions are rubbish, they should say what they would do instead and tell us how they would prevent this country from ending up like Greece.