Whittington A & E revisited

As I said at the rally to celebrate saving the Whittington A& E – we have to keep this in focus and remain eternally vigilant. The coalition government called a halt to the reconfiguration process (hurrah) virtually as soon as we were in Government but we need to be on the ball.

To this end I met with the Minister, Simon Burns (hospital finance and performance) yesterday to make sure we all know what’s happening. The Minister had brought in all the key players from the Chair of GP commissioning to Rachel Tyndall (who chaired the review and was key at the public meeting I organised during the campaign to save the A&E).

Ok – so the key things are that – phew – the review has started! The Minister assured me (and Cllrs Winskill and Butcher who accompanied me) that unlike under the last government who claimed closing the A&E was a local decision (whereas we know it had nothing to do with local peoples’ wishes) this time it would be genuinely local as the Government edict imposed that as a duty on the North London Sector Review panel. And there are clear lines of accountability.

For the first time I heard with my own ears North London Sector admit that there had been faults in the previous process – which is a start – given the continual denial of all the issues local people raised. The litany was clear: accessibility (no one can get to the Royal Free), the out of hours GP services to take the non-A&E cases that currently go to A&E don’t exist; the Royal Free couldn’t cope with an extra 35,000 people (even if they could get there) and so on and so on, no clinical evidence, etc – all the very good cases local people made.

Watch this space – and if you hear anything too – let me know immediately! 


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  1. Well, seeing as your government are going to make all sick people work, it can simply be turned into a ‘progressive’ workhouse for those awaiting/recovering from surgery and treatments, etc.

    Well done, Lynne, you must be very proud of yourself…. the last government was intent on attacking other nations, YOUR government is intent upon attacking it’s own. You may think I’m exaggerating but these are just the start of the sanctions against the the disabled, the sick, the poor, etc. Where will it end?

  2. “Well, seeing as your government are going to make all sick people work, it can simply be turned into a ‘progressive’ workhouse for those awaiting/recovering from surgery and treatments, etc.” Bob W.

    Oh for crying out loud. I don’t mind the odd bit of hyperbole for effect, but let’s just be blunt here —- Get Real !!

    I enjoyed this article for itself. It shows that not only is the Government apparently ‘working’ better than previously, but also that co-operation between Coalition members is ‘working’ as well. Does not solve ALL the problems but as someone famous once said — “The longest journey begins with a single step.”

    I hope the Coalition keeps trudging forward for the complete 5 years. And beyond, if it were entirely up to my preferences.

  3. DougF
    You’re kidding yourself. The coalition will last less than 6 months.
    The rumblings of discontent between the Liberals and the Con(ned)Dems is rife.

    The Govt is indeed working better than previously…. because…. it’s what our MP says!- and what parts of the media say!

    Lynne Featherstone wrote in her blog last December about the Whittington, that if the A&E dept closed, then ‘the revolution begins’

    Let’s see- i forecast the A&E dept will be shut come December- and Lynne will be supporting the case for closure by way of ‘we’ve all been living beyond our means’, and that the Labour Party had ‘spent what they couldn’t afford- therefore there was no alternative’… etc etc.

    And as for hyperboyle.. Andy Burnham was incorrectly quoted (on these pages), saying that it ‘may close’.
    This is of course, factually incorrect- but it made for a good story, by which a certain local MP use as a ticket to campaign against!

  4. Moved on from incapacity I see Lynne. Without further comment.

    You say if you hear anything to let you know immediately.

    I hear the Lib Dems are at 16% in the latest poll.

  5. There are many reasons to visit this site, most of them serious, but I have to say I always enjoy Adam’s contributions.

  6. @Dougf

    Your incredulity is wasted.

    Support for hospitals and those who are forced to inhabit them on a regular basis go hand in hand.

    So they with one hand and take with another…. thing is, if the Whittington shut, it wouldn’t be the end of the world as there are other hospitals. Financial and other support, however, is far more fundamental to survival – particularly with any quality of life.

    So, to coin a phrase, ‘let’s just be blunt here’….. get over yourself.

  7. This is all very well and good Lynne but the closures of our local police stations and other local facilities is going ahead and that i am very worried about, I think it is too early to congratulate yourself yet on the success.

  8. Where do you stand on Andrew Lansley’s new proposals to basically turn hospitals into not-for-profit companies, effectively privatising the NHS?