Boxing clever

I love boxing.

I know – but I always have loved boxing. Many decades ago – I used to get up in the middle of the night to watch the heavy-wight championships of the world with all the greats. They were such exciting occasions – partly because they always did seem to be at about 3 in the morning – but also because that era of heavyweights were just so exciting.

That’s why – ever since I was invited to my very first evening event to watch the Haringey Police Amateur Boxing Club kids fight – I have not only attended but been happy to support in whatever way I can. What this boxing club does for our young kids is fantastic.

This particular event runs for four days – and more than 300 amateur boxers from across the world have the chance to box at this – the third annual London Open Box Cup at Alexandra Palace – hosted by Haringey Police Community Amateur Boxing Club. It is organised by two Haringey police constables who this year received MBE’s for their services establishing and developing the club itself and in doing so have helped so many young people make the most of their potential.

We hope that the international open boxing tournament will encourage and nurture some of our young boxers right through to the Olympics too!

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  1. This is brilliant and I am so glad the police get involved. By carrying out this event young people can get involved with the police and see they are people too. The police are very good at this sort of thing – long may it continue.